Monday, October 26, 2009

Dune book club: Duke Leto Atreides

Week Two in the Dune book club brings us to about page 80 in the book. We ended on the chapter where Duke Leto wrestles with his rage after learning his son was nearly killed by a hidden assassin. Meanwhile he is trying to keep up his calm and stoic appearance in front of his men and attend to his duties.

I'm reading a lot of things in the book that I don't remember from the first time I read it, but Leto was and is still one of my favorite characters. He knowingly enters a situation filled with traps and perils out of duty or recklessness. He's willing to take a chance on such a treacherous situation, placing his family and allies lives in danger because if he can catch the plot before it fully unravels and foil it, it will be a great victory against his enemies. At the same time though he seems tortured by the dangers that do come to fruition. They show that some things do escape his control and expose threads to the plot he has missed. He's torn between boldness/dynamism and protector/guardian as a father and leader figure.

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