Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hand Lettering: Type Silhouettes

I went over to RIT yesterday to hang out with their Hand Lettering club and give a demo. We talked about screen printing and some of the tools I use for doing ink work. The night before I put together these two initial caps based off of typographic silhouettes. The first one is a majuscule Helvetica P.

And the second one is a majuscule Bodoni Z, negative space.

I love the word "majuscule". For the Helvetica P I used a crow quill pen (Speedball/Hunt 102 nib). For the Bodoni Z I used my Kuretake pen (a brush and ink would have done just fine too).

I enjoyed doing those...much different than other hand lettering I've done recently, like exploding brain typography in this Angry Penguin poster:

I should have some more booger and brain type for you soon though, so stay tuned.

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