Tuesday, July 08, 2008

California Adventure, Day 0

Tomorrow I'm leaving for California. It's going to be a pretty long trip (I won't be back until the 28th). Since I'd be away so long I thought of trying to keep people posted via a trip blog.

I'm headed to California mainly for my friend Aaron's wedding. I haven't met his fiance Jean yet but I'm sure she's great. Then Comic Con 2008 is at the end of the month. Stop by and see me (Small Press booth N7, right next to Bad Karma!) I still don't have my books printed for it though, so things are a little shaky. In between San Francisco and San Diego I'm going to be staying with Bob and Jason in L.A. Total-college-reunion-in-parts ahoy!

Getting prepped for the trip has been pretty stressful, mainly with making sure things get sent to the proper places and the whole trying to get things printed ordeal. I did a last minute poster for the July 20th Monotonix show in town too. It was a harried ordeal but they're finished!

I'm going to miss Marlene when I'm away too but I told her I'd call near-daily. I feel like a jerk leaving town when I should be around packing to move, but that's what the 28th through the 31st are for I guess!

My flight leaves at 7 tomorrow, so I hope I don't oversleep. California, hoooooooo!

Edit: I just went to look at Aaron's blogger account and it looks like he's been hacked... the blog was post free for a couple years, but it's a weird kind of electro-death. Weird...

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