Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Imaginary Monsters posters on!

One whole poster for sale. Gosh!
I'll be adding other posters over the next couple days.


[.L.] said...

hey pete! this is lizz- we met last week at the farmer's market.

i pulled out my guest book thing tonight and looked up you work- its fantastic! all the things i wish i could do. people seem to work either from the inside out or the outside in- in the later. i was always more comfortable drawing from life- figures, diagrams etc.

i used to draw all the time- seems i don't do that anymore... sad. i think i got so caught up in the grad school world of always explaining that i got rather inhibited about it.

at any rate please keep me posted on the drawing group you told me about- i'd love to come sometime- maybe get re-inspired.

Also, this is my good friend Tom's work, I think you might be into it:

[.L.] said...

thanks for the invite!

i had family stuff this evening so i couldn't make it.. but please please tell me when you're going to meet the next time!