Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stuff nobody never sees: my comics!

No political commentary today, only art! First things first with some photos of the comic I'm working on. The first issue is going to be done by January (out of 5) but I'm probably going to wait until they're collected and make one graphic novel out of them. They'll be online somewhere, so I'll post that.

Complete with floating heads of snails! I keep running up a deficit on pages with uninked lettering. Lettering cramps my wrist pretty quickly so I'm putting it off.

Doug and Ben at their finest. Seen here is Doug with his white shirt. I've gotten instruction on comics to add dark shapes to the backgrounds to advance the page's composition. But if you have a character that serves as a dark focal point you already have a repeating, common element among your layouts.

I changed Doug's shirt to black after reading Stephen Destephano's blog post about spotting blacks on your main character. It helped to finally hear it again and be in a place to try it.
Some sample underground inking. This is going to make issues 3, 4, and 5 really awesome since they take place mostly in a cave.

This morning I have page 11 half inked out of 24. Pardon they grey distorted photos, but scanning is intense at 7:15 am. I'm reserving self critique on this stuff for now since I've known from the start that page 1 is going to look like rubbish compared to page 120. If I keep trying to fix every mistake I'll never get the thing done. I'm trying to learn from it, so that should work.

So look back here around January for the complete first issue! It may be a while until the next one!


Anonymous said...

what was the name of that beck album he put out with guero?

help me youtube!

Bob said...

looking sweet, pete!