Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stuff nobody never sees: my figure drawing!

Kids, cover your eyes!

Ah, figure drawing. Zees ees dee life. These are some of my favorites from my newsprint pad since around August (oldest first). I've been doing these at Steve Carpenter studio's open figure drawing nights on Mondays. It's fun but the models do tend to just sit or stand and most of the other artists tend to prefer longer poses. I guess it helps if you're actually creating art to sell. Once we had a good male model and one of the artists made a comment about how easy it would be to sell his painting. It was kind of funky! I still separate the figure studio from the work place, since I don't sell fine art paintings or portraits for money.

These drawings are all on cheap newsprint so they'll degrade faster. Sorry grandkids! You won't be making a buck off my grave. I kid! I'm posting the newsprint ones because they're always better than the drawings you put on fancy paper.

Obligatory goof off doodle: "Wild thumbs!"

Using color pastels. I should be painting.

This was my favorite from last night. I like the eye.

I think I was better at this during my Junior year of college, but I'm working on it. Stylistic newds... what I really need are some models that would run around and jump so I can do some gesture drawings. I could always hire a model. Imagine hiring someone to come to your house and run around like a maniac naked. Totally nuts. I'll just go draw people at the gym again sometime.

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