Thursday, December 14, 2006

Illustration Friday: Mask

Well swell, it's my first Illustration Friday submission!

Also on the topic of 'mask', here are some photos I downloaded from MSN-Mainichi Daily News a while back. These photos were taken on the red carpet of some music or film award show. This is why I love Japan!

These photos are just in time for John McCain's recently proposed legislation on copyright enforcement on blogs. I like John McCain but I disagree with his opinions on legislatingand enforcing copyright on blogs. This is the sort of law where , if passed, almost everyone would be guilty. The RIAA still hasn't pressed charges against every person that has downloaded mp3s and the couple of example lawsuits hasn't really stopped the snowball.

People should at least have the respect for creators to credit their sources. If someone profits directly from a creator's work without credit or permission they should compensate the creator. Hmm... this gets fuzzy pretty quickly and I think I promised no politics for a while. Time out!

In other news I just inked page 13 of my comic. I still haven't lettered pages 7 and up, so they're sort of finished. I should catch up with that soon so I'm not stuck with mucho grunt work when I'm done. Aside from lettering it's going well and it's really fun!

Are you still on the hedge about global warming? It's 55 degrees in the middle of December in Western New York. At night. If you're not from New York state just trust me, this is weird.


John said...

totally cool. love the cat head guy too

mother! popcorn! HEY! said...

now i can leave you sassy comments.