Tuesday, July 25, 2006

San Diego Comic Con International!

It was great! Lookit what I got!

Guess who it is? It's me, you jerks! Thank you, John Kricfalusi for the awesome drawing at the con! I couldn't help but have a classy shit-eating grin on my face while he was drawing this. He even gave Ren and Stimpy some residual sleaze from my getup! And hold on a second, there's more!

John K. draws George Liquor fighting a crocostimpy.

Jim Smith draws one of the Ripping Friends!

And Katie Rice draws a girl wearing a sock dress! Holy crap!

Thanks everybody for coming to the con! Total hero worship abound. I'll post some of my drawings from the con later on, but for now lets just bask in the wholesome goodness of George Liquor's flailing member! AWESOME!

Tom got dirty drawings too! His brings new meaning to "Tom, Dick, and Harry". Maybe more like Tom dickin' hairy. Too bad I didn't make up that joke!
Ok kids, time for me to go get a calzone!

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:: smo :: said...

i'm glad he gave ren and stimpy mustaches!!! haha!!!