Friday, July 28, 2006

five days, eighteen pages, .45 millimeters

San Diego was excellent and the comic con was awesome. I must say I was sufficiently whelmed. I decided to try one of the moleskine sketchbooks while I was down there since alot of people seem to freak out about them. I'm not crazy about the small size of them since I'm more accustomed to drawing on larger surfaces, but I was able to use the spread of the pages which helped. The little elastic strap and pocket in the back are gimmicky but handy. I drew only in ink while down there and the paper handled microns pretty well but prismacolor marker totally bled through to the other side. I started adding grey to the tentacled worms on the first page there and it would ghost through on the next page. Not fun if you're using both sides of each page. Anyway, look at these. Thanks!

It wouldn't be complete without a crap page!

The drawing on the left is by Katie Rice. Woo! We did a comic jam too. The good old days!

And I drew some makers to celebrate finishing Dune. I was scribbling on this drawing a little bit yesterday, but I did start it on the plane back to Rochester.

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:: smo :: said...

it's impossible to sit next to you and feel like a competent artist! ASS!