Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I see fireflies almost every night

Things are busy, but good! If I'm not mistaken, this is the first color image of any of the characters from my upcoming comic. It looks like Doug and Ben just ran off with some loot! Optimism tells me I'm going to start penciling pages in August, which means the story will be written by then. It's very close, but I need to run by some of my key ideas by some good friends of mine who are better versed in scriptwriting and pacing than I. I better get another VA form ready...


Bob said...

that completely rocks man!
i'm looking forward to this story.

hey, i also want to send the script for my new comic your way. i already started pencilling some of it but some of the stories could use more ideas before i jump into them.

have a good time at comic con!

:: smo :: said...

wow talk about the power of color! that background looks amazing colored in! and i like the purple outline on mr. wormermeister a lot better now.

maybe you can print something at kinkos?

why can't the world be at our beckon call? if we want postcards or business cards, we should just have to say it and someone will print them for us! none of this waiting for callbacks to give someone money! LAME!

it would be nice to kinda let people know the comic is in the works! i want to try and animate some stuff. but goodness knows how that tends to go...i think i'm going to go with gear over dio for now again though. for obvious reasons!


Sean said...

This looks excellent Pete! The personality of the characters come through and the colors are awesome. The book should be sweet.