Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Meet Doug and Ben!

Aside from getting the screenprinting set up together lately I've been trying to stay on top of getting things together to make this bug comic. I have the main characters named (most of them are near sure), the beginnings of some dialogue written and I'm making myself put together some model sheets to have around. Three of the main characters have been worked around enough so that I feel like I should have some solid reference in front of me. So, please introduce youself to Doug and Benny! Doug is a June Beetle and Benny an Earthworm. Together they form a pretty ripping thieving team, but I can't divulge too much info on you. I was excited by these drawings (mostly because of how Doug came out, Benny has been near complete for a while now) and wanted to share. I hope you enjoy the wayward lines, since I don't erase much recently.

I've got a lot to take care of to get this thing together (and other projects in the meantime), but there should be more good stuff soon too! I still need to cement 4 other main characters (crap!) and I'll post as to their progress.

I've been posting more regularly lately on Literary Debacle, a group reading based sketchblog my friends and I participate in. Check it out if you haven't, we've been doing alot of drawings based off of Greek mythology and Robert E. Howard. I'm reading some Conan right now by Howard and it's awesome! Reading is fundamental.

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