Friday, April 07, 2006

contest enterded!

Whew, I just sent in my entry to IGN. Here's what the thing looks like in it's final incarnation. I did get it down to two-color (yes!) and I'll just have to mix up some inks that nearly resemble these. Thanks for the input Tom! Next week is gonna be busy, since I've already got like 2 screen printing projects lined up (this poster, and then a poster for Michael). This could be nuts! But always enjoyable. I need to get the space set up in my basement, since I should start printing the Altered Beast poster on Monday. Man, I'm happy to be going to Pittsburgh this weekend, but I may turn into a worry factory. Not to mention I'm gonna miss Gito Gito Hustler!

I guess if those are the sum of my problems I have nothing to worry about. Retrospect rocks!


:: smo :: said...

peter, the final comp looks amazing! i'm going to try and make a bubble bobble sculpture for kicks even though i can't make the festival. amybe next year...ack! but it'd be fun to have around! maybe i can make something awesome tonight...but probably not. if you look at the image on the top of my blog it's the design i wanted to clay up!

Bob said...

wow, those colors came out great! very nice.