Thursday, April 20, 2006

magic face

This werewolf's face just screams "NG!" This is one of the steps I took when developing the werewolf and werebear for my Altered Beast poster (all of two posts ago...) submission for the I AM 8-BIT contest hosted by IGN. Aside from the poster, this was the best part of the process. Look at that mouth! I love it for some reason. I did a bear drawing with a similar mouth on my whiteboard at work and it looks funny too! Maybe I've stumbled on to something...

And does anybody know what those weird chicken monsters from Altered Beast are called? They are in Golden Axe too but I don't have a name for them. I've been referring to them as Cluckys or Cockys in my head so far, but I'd like to know if they have a real name.

In other news, I got some new markers today and I think Ryan is going to have me in to his class next week to do a screenprinting demo. That's fun! We just saw The Hills Have Eyes remake too. It was bad! I want to see the original.

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