Thursday, April 06, 2006

Altered Beast inks and self pep talkery

I'm working on an Altered Beast themed poster to submit to I AM 8-BIT. Observe:

This is the inked drawing, scanned and partially cleaned up. You can see a photo of the pencil drawing on this Literary Debacle post.

Here are some color schemes I'm working on. I was intending to have a computer comp ready for tomorrow to show IGN (they're doing this weird promotion with I AM 8-BIT that I thought I'd try to muscle in on) but I still need to do alot designwise to make this work as a poster. I'm probably going to scrap the sorceror's head and add the text "WELCOME TO YOUR DOOM" somewhere to the composition. I was planning on screenprinting this onto chip board but I really want to get it down to two colors (right now it's three) because that would make things alot easier. Two colors might be easier on white paper too, so I'm thinking of some options.

I gotta see how insane I want to be tonight with working on this thing. I feel like I've been getting busy with alot of things, but unwilling to stop my projects outside of work or hang out I'm just sleeping less again. I'm still struggling with daylight savings time... but such is life. It is just a yearly show, so it's sort of a now or never thing I guess. Man, sleep is such an option! I better bolster some badass and get this thing done!

and by the by, I'm sort of not caring how blogger inserts my images into my posts for now (what a conscientious designer!) so I'm sorry if your eyes bleed.

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:: smo :: said...

maybe try printing on a different color paper, like blue. maybe tone it like the image you sent me? monochromes? then it retains the feel of that title screen. you might also want to play with the colors of the actual altered beast characters. i think a 3 color would be okay as long as you don't kill yourself doing it! but i think making the background a blue would help and maybe you can cut out a color if you use the background as the main fill. just print lines [dark blue] and highlights [light blue]. i think i gave up! unless i pull a marathon sculpt tonight. last night i just wasn't feeling it.