Monday, August 17, 2009

ArtOrder: Flaming Coward!

Here's my entry for another ArtOrder topic. The title of this week's topic was Flaming Coward. The idea was to design a creature that had a nasty bite, general physical weakness, and would emit a large amount of heat/flames/energy if it felt it lost the upper hand in a battle. Behold...

I'll paraphrase the flavor text from each of the images in case you prefer viewing from afar:
The Flaming Coward has an extraordinarily high metabolism. The heat generated by it’s numerous spinal stomachs makes the creature semi bouyant, allowing for swift and nimble hunting. It’s head and lower body is thick skinned to withstand attacks and it’s own body heat.

The Flaming Coward will fight potential prey ferociously, unless it’s stomachs are struck or wounded. Fearing further harm to the most delicate part of it’s body, the Coward will vomit forth the contents of it’s heated stomachs, releasing a great deal of molten matter. With luck, the foe will be too busy trying to douse the surrounding flames to notice the Coward’s retreat.

More or less, it's nimble, bitey, and pukes when it's scared. Yessss.


DavidM said...

Awesome! I love the way you've depicted his bloated and steamy stomachs!

Moai said...

Brilliant design, man! I especially enjoy the contrast between its two states.

Bob said...

Oh dang, these are sweet!

Jeffrey Lai said...

hehe I loove your flaming coward.
great works on your blog!

Marco Caradonna said...

This one was outstanding, among other flaming ones
Love the idea on how much its apparel changes after fire attack
Very nice concept