Sunday, July 12, 2009

ArtOrder: Catastrophic Dragon (Earthquake)

Whoah! Dragon time. I've been trying to work on some environments in my downtime lately and yesterday I started getting really antsy. Environments are challenging to me since I usually draw things with legs and faces, so I decided to take a quick creature break. How convenient then that Jon Schindehette made this week's ArtOrder topic a dragon challenge! The topic this week was to create a catastrophic's a new dragon subtype they're trying out that is sort of a container or carapace holding back elemental fury. The natural force for the topic is "earthquake". I thought about it and a really earth ripping earthquake would probably spill out magma like crazy. It's insides is a burning hot tumble of rocks, gems, and magma, while it's outside is like a rough and cragged hillside. It's body is almost composed like earth strata.

O.K. Dragon break is over, time to get back to drawing places.


Anonymous said...

The crystal wings is a really interesting spin. Not one I ever thought of!!


Peter said...

Thanks Jon. They were fun to render. If I did another variant on this guy it would be cool to make him almost like a geode - maybe half gem, half stone. Geode jaws with gem teeth or something :]

DavidM said...

Whoa! That's a great concept. I love that he's actually part of the earth with patches of grass on his back.

Peter said...

Thanks David! I was thinking the earth / grass formations would make good camouflage too. Maybe when the dragon was dormant it's wings would look like normal stones and just lie around the ground where it rested...too much fun :D