Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DESIGNPOLICE: Triobelisk vs. Courtney Love!

More tales of the blatantly infringed! Friend of a friend Shelby Cinca just found out that Courtney Love (or an employee of) ripped off one of his album designs from his Triobelisk project. This one is extremely painful...

This is the original Triobelisk album art:
The artwork is pretty cool too. There's some other versions and details of it here.

And here is the ripped off one that's currently on Courtney Love's myspace:

Maybe I'm too far removed from the imagery mythos of Courtney Love, but what's up with the Beetlejuice cherry question marks? There must be hidden secrets behind that door...

This is a side by side comparison made by Shelby comparing the original to the ripped off artwork with some notes by him:

Shelby sez
I’m sure it was her Hollyweird myspace webmasters which are mentioned on her page, Jason Trenton and Ben Phen, that are ripping her off saying they created all the images themselves and charging her way more than they should, etc.. etc… pathetic… well Courtney, please fire those guys, hire artists that create their own work (I know a few) and give me some nice cash to remix a Hole song with class and so I can buy my wife something nice. Hole ruled… but this sucks!

Shelby, stay strong sir and get in touch with them about this. You might want to contact Myspace too to see if they will remove the image.

Smo, thanks for letting me know! And thanks to Celestronica for originally giving Shelby the tip off.

original post: http://www.buddyhead.com/2008/11/18/courtney-love-ripped-me-off-today/

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