Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2A4TV paintings are done!

The paintings are done! Here are both of them.Painting 1...

Painting 2...And some process! I decided to do both paintings of skulls after finishing the first one. Instead of redrawing the first thumbnail I used a mirror to reflect the image to start with.
Pencil on canvas. Painting number 2 isn't a mirror copy of the first one. I changed the expression on the second painting. I wanted this one to look sad instead of angry. I wanted them to look interesting side by side or back to back, so a little bit of semi symmetry was o.k.

Pencils next to painting.
Monk figured out he could warm up by sitting in my chair next to the space heater. Warmth mooch!
The green and blue base colors. I was having a rough time getting the colors right on painting two. I was being lazy about mixing too much paint, so I tried working from the tube if I could. It worked ok since the paintings are mostly flat colors.I started off painting the outlines this dark grey blue. It was too dark compared to the burnt sienna outlines on the first painting. They ended up being a dark olive green in the end.
Then I painted the outlines a dark blue, but I changed that too! haha. The tentacles got filled with a light blue, but that was mostly covered with the same purple color from painting 2.
Now comes shipping the paintings to NYC and then the actual show. You should go!


ross said...

these are fantastic!!! i wish i could have one of these on my wall.

aaron said...

daaaaaamn those pictures are awesome!

Peter said...

Thanks both of youse!

Ross, if they make it back from NY I'll let you know. The show goes until December 15th. I could do another painting for you if you want. Maybe we can work something out! haha

Alina Chau said...