Wednesday, July 16, 2008

California Adventure, Day 6: I walk around

Today I went for a walk around Sherman Oaks. Ventura is pretty commercial but there's a handful of smaller neat looking businesses. There were two vintage clothing stores and a Goodwill on the street plus some other things like...

An honest burger.
Toy Mandala. Really cool stuff in here and friendly staff. Look for them at Comic Con around booth 610-ish (I'll double check today). They have the Old Boy graphic novels. Drool!!!
Unreasonable, illogical, inappropriately fresh produce. What nerve.
Some sad but glad bug news. I found a dead June Bug in the courtyard. I was happy to see a friendly face from home though.
I made dinner for Bob, Jason, and I too. Farfalle with peas, mushrooms, and veggie sausage. There's an old piece of bread from Trader Joes in my bowl. The food wasn't really that yellow. It's just the fluorescent light in the kitchen making everything look like it's seasoned with tumeric.
Later on we watched Godzilla Final Wars. I still have the end credits tune in my head. Nate came over to hang out and we played a couple games of Magic: The Gathering! Wow, nerd nostalgia! Jason had a spare deck so we played 1 on 1 on 1. Magic! Wow!

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marlene heuer said...

i'll make sure to watch the moebius thing soon. i miss you!