Thursday, July 17, 2008

California Adventure, Day 7: I meet someone new

Today I met someone new.Man Treeman!
Man Treeman lives in Bob and Jason's neighborhood. Maybe he's a tropical Ent. He likes sunshine, cool drinks, and cats. He dislikes going for walks.

After meeting Man Treeman I was so stoked I decided to eat a cupcake. What better place for it than Puddin Out Cupcakes? I can't tell if their business name is a sexual reference or not but the cupcake was mighty tasty!
I opted for a root beer float cupcake. The cherry threw me off initially but the frosting tasted like good root beer. I will be returning to Puddin Out before I leave.
Another thing I notice about Sherman Oaks: 2 out of 3 retail personnel here are really outwardly friendly. Plenty of "Hey man", "Bro", and handshakes. It's nice.

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