Friday, July 11, 2008

California Adventure, Day 2

Frank, Bob and I drove to San Francisco yesterday. There was 6 hours of driving ahead of of us. California is a huge state... very big. I guess that's what happens when your state is the entire side of a country. Wow!

I tried taking some photos of the drive along the way. I missed shots of the oil drills along the coast. Maybe I'll get those on the return trip.
Look out Bob!
Frank was driving. Thank you Frank!

First we found some mountains.
Then we found some fog.

Sunset. Bob had to get the picture from the back seat. He did a good job!
We stopped in San Luis Obispo (sp?) to see Still Time play a pre-tour show. It was great. We made it into San Francisco late, maybe it was around 2am? Bob took over driving for a bit and I put my glasses on so I could stay awake and talk to help keep him awake. We tried really hard but we couldn't find any jazz on the radio. Eventually we got a BBC news broadcast. Capital!
Aaron's bumper stickers! YES!
The BNS bumper sticker...
I'm finished!

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