Thursday, February 23, 2006

Out of Tartarean darkness appear...

Ok, more caffeine adventure! I started thinking about the Byahkee song from Shoggoth on the Roof (mp3 link) and I got to thinking...

"Hmm, if it looks like a crow, mole, and an ant altogether* what does that look like?"

And here's the result!

creepo Byahkees

My favorite is the second one from the left with the star nosed mole face. Do you feel yourself being drawn into the depths of infinite madness yet? It's great! The linework is jittery, which I enjoy.

Aside from all this, I'm having trouble formatting my post titles so that just the span="post-title" tagged text appears in my recent posts. Anybody have any bright ideas? Tom, if you're reading this expect me to harrass you about this if I already haven't.

*and partially decomposed human beings.

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Paul Martino said...

Oh look what we have here