Thursday, December 10, 2009

Webcomics, Orcs and Help the Hersheys!

Blog folks! How have you been? The year is almost up and things are going as well as I could hope. If you haven't seen yet, I started a webcomic a few weeks ago.
Head over to to check it out. The story is full swing featuring the adventures and mishaps of a disembodied slimy skull, and his necromancer and wizardly friends. Let me know what you think! It's been a lot of fun so far. I'm going to be keeping this blog active to discuss work/process/news (like usual) and will be more focused on my comics, and other things I make like books and posters. So stay tuned.

I'm getting super stoked for this January to arrive since Mike and Raina will be moving to R-Town. We're going to set up some shared basement screenprinting space and I'll be able to make some new killer screen printed oddities. Stay tuned for Eat World 2, some collaborative projects between Mike Turzanski, Tom Smolenski, and I, and who knows what else! I think we don't have any shows until next spring (MoCCA and Buffalo Small Press Book Fair), so we'll have some time to cook up a stack of awesome stuff for 2010.

Here's some recent work in progress for an Empty Room Studios concept art project focused on orcs. I've been making some big bruiser orcs to start with.

In other Empty Room Studios news, lately Rick and his family have been having a rough time making ends meet. Rocky Dohmen set up a blog to spread the word and hopefully help out Rick and his family. Please go check out I know the economy and the health care system has been rough a lot of us, but it is the holidays and if you can spare some support I encourage you to do so.

Stay warm everybody. The snow is coming down...

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