Thursday, September 24, 2009

Headed to Bethesda, MD this weekend for SPX!

If anybody is near the Baltimore / DC area this weekend you should head to Small Press Expo in Bethesda! Here's the SPX website with all the info you need to find the show: I'll be exhibiting under Peter Lazarski / Imaginary Monsters in the program book, so you can look for me there. I still have a few copies from the 1st printing of Eat World and also a batch from the 2nd printing (with bizarre brown, gold, and white covers), some illustration prints, and maybe some screen printed posters if space allows. I'm also going to be exhibiting with my friend Mike Turzanski of The Good Product, so we'll have a lot of good stuff to share.

Come hang hang out and check out what's up. Get a free sticker...I've got like twenty of those.


Russell Maycumber said...

Good times, I have shared your eat world with many since Sat night. You have brought visual nourishment indeed. It all makes perfect sense, the eating and the scale up the chain down the chain trans chain eating, curiouser and curiouser the non eating world...
Sumi e-ink brik and 10/0 brush give or take a number

Peter said...

Hey Russel! Good to meet you dude and thanks for the Sumi e ink tip. I will definitely check one out and add it to my inking arsenal.

Thanks for showing Eat World around too! I'm definitely planning to follow it up with Eat World 2 for MoCCA and SPX next year. More things eating things at least. I'd like to do a 3-4 color screen print on the cover this time.