Friday, July 03, 2009

Four demon girls

I had drawn these demon girls a few months ago and completely forgot about them. Wow! They're all iterations on one character I was trying to create but they're interesting enough to me on their own.


:: smo :: said...

these are sweet and i love the costumes!!

the faces on these demons almost look like kids, i think it's the cheeks and the noses for me. maybe on top of trying the different bodies, play with face proportions. i feel like you love broad noses, try some different shapes, maybe pointier ones, and maybe not as much detail in the nose? i think if you make the chins not as flat, sort of point them out some, maybe downplay lips? certain things like that will affect the age of the character a lot.

i love how i crit but can't execute. those who can't do teach! haha!

Peter said...

No way man. Those who can do, teach!

Good suggestions. Thanks :D My aim was to make a character who felt or showed some shame or reluctance in being a demon. So the down turned eyes in the upper left girl and the really young / scared looking face on the bottom left girl were sort of what I'm looking for. I was wondering what a demon with a conscience might end up looking like. She's physically a monster but if you see her face there's some innocence there.

The one on the bottom left is the most adult looking to me.

Haha, and yeah I do favor broad noses and big lower lips because that's what I see in the mirror every day! But I definitely need to vary it more. Thanks dude!

There was actually this one Angry Penguin poster I drew with this girl cheerleader getting chased by Angry Penguin. Tony thought I drew her nose too big so he edited it himself. To me it looks like she has a mosquito nose now, but seeing the other perspective helps :]