Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Carney Art Show: Glitter Spitter Raisin Face

Here's Glitter Spitter Raisin Face! He's the painting I made for the upcoming Carney Art Show at Monkeyhouse Toys in LA. The shows theme is circus freaks. I hope it arrives on time!

I took this photo before adding a little more red to the background, but it's pretty final. I won't make it to the opening but if you're in LA you should go check it out.
The show opens on Saturday, June 27 and will run through July 12. for more info!


Bill Robinson said...

This is pretty awesome. But next time I come to your blog I want to see something that is not a demon/monster/garbage pail kid gross out!!! ;]

Peter said...

haha sorry Bill... looks like you figured me out! I better not post the art from Eat World for a couple of days now :D