Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ArtOrder: B&W Vampires

Here's another submission for
Jon Schindehette's ArtOrder blog. This week's theme was a b&w illustration based around two vampire characters: Gwenth and Gareth. Jon provided this bit of info about he pair:
Gwenth: A female vampire, once a human, who excels at stealth and ambush attacks. She wears leather armor and carries two short swords. She should look both seductive and dangerous, but let’s avoid clothing that’s too revealing or risqué. She has short, dark hair, and is an effective assassin. If we see her partially obscured by shadows, that’s great.

Garreth: A male vampire, once a human, who is more of an up-front bruiser. He wears leather armor, and carries a heavy shield and short sword. He’s standing in front of Gwenth, almost protectively. He has pale, almost white hair, and the scars of several battles. He’s thickly built and muscular, and his mouth is open to reveal his fangs and vampiric nature.

I added a bit more to the brief too:
The way I interpreted the illustration was that before attacking their prey, Gwenth cuts, scratches and slashes Gareth (hence the scars). This gets him twisted up into a masochistic frenzy before she turns him loose on their unsuspecting quarry. Once Gareth's bloodlust is kindled and he has the front lines occupied Gwenth will slink through the shadows and strike their true target. The few travelers who have survived a run in with the masochistic pair recall the expression of grim delighted arousal that they shared on their faces.

I included the Empty Room Studios logo for shared recognition, since Rick Hershey introduced me to the ArtOrder blog. Rock on ERS!

Spot blacks rule and so does hatching with a brush. Woo!


Kidchuckle said...

Oh sweet post Peter!

Peter said...

Thanks Vince! Your stuff around ERS has been great by the way. :]