Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Creature design demo

I covered for Jay Lincoln's Character Design class today and did a bit of a creature design / brainstorming demo. Mainly I talked about digital thumbnail sketching and shape / silhouette construction. I even tied in a little bit of Gestalt principles too. I think I spent about an hour and a half putting this stuff together, and probably 20 - 30 minutes minutes of that time refining the fish a bit. I hope to work on it some more.

Isomorphic correspondence, anyone?

Plus, I think I introduced Jay's students to the Mekong river delta catfish. Hoot hoot!

What a rad planet. Thanks guys!


:: smo :: said...

such a good exercise!!! it's becoming your calling card!

Peter said...

I didn't invent it though. I know Andrew Jones presents on it regularly and I think he may have shaped it but it's a solid exercise. I was thinking in the car the other day about how most of my thumbs had a very square profile to them. I'm going to try doing some things with wider / taller proportions next or combining second generation silhouettes to create more developed / varied shapes.

Stu said...

This was a really cool demo, you should convince jay to let you come up more often.