Saturday, January 17, 2009

Angry Penguin

Rochester has a lot of nice things to offer. The George Eastman house and Dryden theater, the Little Theaters, multiple public markets, and a man sized homicidal penguin.Yes, you read that correctly. Angry Penguin Productions is a character / clothing brand based in Rochester and I've done a bunch of design work for them over the past year. I haven't mentioned it much before on the interwebs but I really enjoy the work and it's time for me to start sharing it with you!

Check out their website to start with, where you'll find some Angry Penguin news (and some webcomics soon too), and when you're finished there you should go see what they have to offer at the Angry Penguin online store: If you buy a shirt it means I stay employed! For kicks, tell them Pete sent you if you decide to order something. You can find them on facebook too:

Look for them at NYC Comic Con in February too! They're going to be giving away limited edition t-shirts.Get it while it's hot before the Angry Penguin gets you!


Bob said...

MAN! NYCC is great b/c they give away so much more free stuff than SDCC.

Peter said...

awesome! I feel sort of silly now not going to nycc since it's much closer than San Diego. I might be skipping out on sdcc this year in favor of SPX in Maryland. Maybe I should do nycc too.

Bob said...

yeah, i recommend nycc. plus you know people in nyc, free places to stay. if not get a cheaper hotel in new jersey and take the bus in. if nycc is still at javits then it's right in mid-town by the port authority bus station.