Friday, December 12, 2008

Daily Demon 52: Dimaxus

I would have liked to take him further but it was time for other things... like baking cookies.

Go Dimaxus! I choose you! Because your eyes stick out and you're bow legged! Dimaxus is another kaiju scale monster (I may do a couple more).


Moai said...

He's pretty darn awesome. I love all his feelers and mollusk-like attributes.
You have a fantastic sense of color, you know that?

Peter said...

Moai! Welcome! Thanks for the feedback. I usually feel like my color application is pretty uncontrolled, but I'm glad you enjoy it.

:: smo :: said...

haha awesome!!!

i didn't realize the demons were back in action!

Peter said...

I wanted to wrap things up with the DD so I could clear some head space. Maybe get back to Adventure Underfoot one of these days even... sheesh!