Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Too Art for TV paintings in progress

Too Art For TV is having its 3rd show in NY beginning December 5th. I'm going to have two paintings in the show and one of them is nearly done!

Here's some of the process (with notes) that got me there...

When talking to the 2A4TV folks they said they would like to have some energetic paintings of mine similar to the picnic table I painted for the Art Park benefit (previously posted here). The picnic table was big, so I was able to do a huge image across it. For the pair of paintings I'm working on 18" x 24" canvas. Big, but no picnic table. I liked the scale of the table painting so I decided to do close up monster faces for the canvases. After some sketching I settled on these two thumbnails to move ahead with:

Then came sketching the image out on the canvas. I already gessoed the heck out of them a few weeks ago so they were ready to go:

I started by painting the background color and moving forward in depth (trying to let areas overlap as I went):

And then it's a big jump up to the painting I posted at the top! I'll try taking more photos of painting #2. Originally I was planning on using complimentary color schemes for the paintings (you can see my original notes on the thumbnails say R/G/W and B/O/W for red/orange/white and blue/orange/white) but I decided to go for analogous sets for both. The next one will be primarily blue, green, and violet. Also, I ended up liking the skull image so much I think I'm going to scrap the ape thumbnail and do a different skull for painting #2. Choices!

Just a few more details to change on painting 1 and then it's done-done. Then onward to #2!

Find more info about Too Art For TV via Liz Artinian's page or "the facebook":

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