Friday, July 18, 2008

California Adventure, Days 8 and 9: Working!

Super edit: I just received notification from Lulu that my books have been printed and shipped! I'm hoping the formatting came out o.k. on them all since I had to blind proof them. So, if you're stopping by Comic Con next week I should have these three books with me:

The 2nd printing edition of Adventure Underfoot 1 + 2. It's mostly the same as the first book but it's a larger format with some typesetting redesigned in the guts and a full color cover. Lookin' good fellas!Imaginary Monsters: Collected Works! Yep, it's a portfolio book! Hopefully this will be a killer leave behind after interviews and get me much work. It's 32 pages of color images and fun. The content ranges from my illustrations, color concept art, and poster designs. Woo!
Imaginary Monsters: Sketchbook 1. Artist sketchbooks are sort of a comic con staple so I figured why not start things off right with my first year exhibiting? Inside there lies some of my favorite sketch pages from sketchbooks I've kept over the past two years.
Cross your fingers and hope they didn't come out deformed! Hahaha!
- - - - -
Yesterday and today I've been playing it simple, mostly working on some things in the apartment. The more new pieces I can have ready for Comic Con next week the better. I still need to order business cards and maybe some postcards too. Must remember!

Here's Al Gore's latest challenge speech.

Man Treeman supports environmental reform.


marlene heuer said...

ahhh! i'm so excited for you. the covers turned out fantastic! AHHHHHHH!

marlene heuer said...

update, update!

aaron said...

holy you need to tell me how much these things cost so that i can purchase them