Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pacific ocean garbage patch twice the size of U.S.

The article clipping is from this week's City Newspaper (Rochester).

I threw the map together to show how big two Americas in the Pacific ocean would be (I didn't include Alaska). Maybe in a few years we'll have a Russo-American Garbage Bridge?


Objet d'bizarre said...

These mounds of garbage break off into smaller pieces which make sea birds think it is a source of sustenance for them and their fledglings. Below is a video showing this devastating phenomenon. Take note, it's pretty graphic:

The photographer at the scene also spread out the over a half of pound of plastic which was removed from the carcass to capture this image:

Notice the not one, but two cigarette lighters the bird has eaten among the many other items. It's horrifically sad. And let's not forget the ocean life that is consuming our selfish "disposable" waste.

Peter said...

oh wow, thanks for replying. The February issue of Vice had an article on the ocean garbage patch called "Oh This Is Great, Humans Have Finally Ruined The Ocean".

You can download it here:
It's on page 37.