Thursday, July 19, 2007

Adventure Underfoot 1+2 is finished and printed!

Holy bones, and just in time for comic con! Only 3 issues more to go but you people don't need to wait that long :D I printed a total of 120 copies in the first limited run. All of the covers have been screen printed by hand to boot.

I printed two cover versions, about 100 of the Skeletor Flavor and 20 of the Cringer flavor.

Here's all 120 drying on this basement table.

Page preview dump!

You can see more process photos from the cover printing here.

I'm going to be bringing about 50 or 60 to Comic Con next week, so if you're dying for a copy you can track me down there. I'm going to be wandering around a bunch so email me if you want my cell number to reach me. I'll be selling the screen printed ones afterwards too and I'm probably going to try to put the book up on Lulu too, so it should be pretty accessible.


Roo Devon said...

Way to make us all look bad!

Seriously though, looks amazing!

:: smo :: said...


pete that's awesome!!! i'll totally help you peddle these! at this point all i've got is some business cards!!! haha!

:: smo :: said...

oh man and do i want a skeletor or cringer flavor?! what does skeletor taste like anyway??? I WANT TO FIND OUT!

Brett said...

i think i just dookied a shooter!

looks great pete, can i reserve a cringer one; or are they comic con exclusives?

Peter said...

No prob Brett, I'll put one aside for you. I was going to bring mostly Skeletors to the con since I'd be giving a bunch away free to editors and things.

I think Skeletor might taste like marshmallow and pain.

Paul said...

Awesome-looking book, Pete. I love the silk screen cover (and the "Live Music" crows silk screen - very cool.)

I'd love to buy a copy of "Underfoot" if there are any left after the con.


Bill said...

Yo Peter. I read your comic on my flight back from the con. It was magical and awesome!