Friday, May 04, 2007

Little Red Riding Hood, with burlesque and frau

Update, ahoy. Here's the finished Red Riding Hood:And the other process stuff from the other day:I did a drawing of a human girl! Is it a full moon or something? Nope, just some portfolio boosting based off of this week's Character of the Week on The deadline is this Sunday, so I should be updating this post with something finished by then. Here's some quick wolf studies I did to warm up with too:I made the mistake of drawing the girl first and trying to work the wolf in after so he's still pretty lumpy. I'm thinking of making the wolf just a shape too for the girl to contrast against (too much Frank Miller in my diet. Dark Knight Returns is awesome, and I think I'm the last person to find out. Apart from babies.) Maybe the wolf is trying to be too much of a badass and would be better off puppied up some. We shall see.


:: smo :: said...


it's so scary and then it says "yeah" and it cracked me up! you wacko!

i just looked at your site! i really like lightbox! i'm going to have to use it too! helpz me helpz me!

:: smo :: said...

actually man, i'm always embarrassed when i ask someone for help with a drawing, but could you maybe help me make a sweet wolf backpatch? i just don't think i could draw something as ferocious as you at this point.

we'll talk, i'll make it worth your while *wink*