Thursday, January 18, 2007

With friends like this who needs anemones?

My friend Tom posted a creepy drawing of me on his blog.
:: screams from space ::: :: pie-eater lazarski ::
What Tom doesn't know is, I only enjoy cherry pie. This would have been a better representation of my pie-love if he had drawn me eating apple or pumpkin.

Aside from his pie-misconceptions, Tom is an excellent cartoonist, animator, and paisan. Our gig with Pale Force is ending in a couple of weeks so you should hire the guy. You can see his thesis animation here: :: good morning cephalgia ::.
And more of his stuff:
:: calling all bars ::
:: jstwb ::
:: whiz-bang ::
:: eliminated ::
Get out your checkbooks!

1 comment:

:: smo :: said...

sorry for the creepy representation. i just wanted to draw you really into pie and it seemed best represented that way...

thanks for the plugg!!!