Friday, January 12, 2007

Daily Demon 12: Layer Cake!

It's my birthday! For my birthday I give you Layer Cake. He's bringing hell and wishes to all the good birthday kids. I had another demon slated for posting today, but since the birthday is a special event I figured I could bump everything out of order.

In other news, Marlene (the aforementioned girlfriend) and I made 4 types of cupcakes last night. Vanilla, peanut butter, chocolate stout, and mexican hot chocolate. I'm stoked. Thanks to everybody for their good birthday wishes!


mother! popcorn! HEY! said...

what a jolly cake he is!

:: smo :: said...

that's a MAN CAKE, just like you peter, awwww.

Peter said...

I'm commenting on my own blog. haaaa!