Monday, January 01, 2007

Daily Demon 1: Intro and Cloudred Dragon!

If you know me well enough you'll know that I like keeping busy. Usually this involves getting into too many projects at once. True to my habits, in addition to the bug comic, freelance stuff, and my day job I'm starting a daily sketchbook project called the Daily Demon. Each day for a hundred days I'll post a new drawing of some demon, creature, or monster on this blog. It should get me in the habit of posting more regularly and (most of all) working in my sketchbook more while involved in long term projects. Here's the first entry into the series.
Come back tomorrow for some more monster fun.


:: smo :: said...

good project! good project!

i have a hard enough time getting out of bed let alone doing another personal project, but maybe deadlines are the key.

i'll send you those mental antioxidants and vitamin c's and chicken soups. i'm sick over here too.

Peter said...

crapper. Matt got sick too and he's trying to get better before his
Thursday interview. It's like typhoid city over here!