Monday, October 30, 2006

Pale Force gets a mention on

Pale force just got a page on the Wall Street Journal website. Thanks to my dad for sending me this link. And watch pale force here!.

No art in this post but I did make a gallery of San Diego drawings on my page. I've been experimenting with some php widgetry. With my friend Matt's help I've been able to concoct sort of a image gallery generator. It's sort of helpful with a 6 image gallery but it would be uber helpful with larger ones. It's dynamic and automatic!

I can promise art to come in a big way however. I have one page left to pencil on the first issue of my comic, Adventure Underfoot. Then I letter and ink, scan and post. I'll be creating a section for it on my website soon, so stay tuned. Peace!

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Eric Peterson said...

Pete! I want to buy your comic as soon as it's out!