Monday, July 03, 2006

Godzilla loves popcorn

I really like drawing giant monsters. These are some Godzilla sketches I did for a small flyer that's in the works. I'll post that once it's done. I inked these using a .08 mm micron and the narrow tip of a black prismacolor. I wonder what would have happened if I used the wide tip? I'd like to do a full body Godzilla inked like this, or even a giant monster series (Godzilla vs. Ultraman?) I guess I'll add it to the to do list!


:: smo :: said...

"i wonder what would have happened if i used the wide tip?"

haha very insightful sir! i'm glad to see you're messing with microns! WHY don't we use rapidographs? i have one somewhere!!! too messy?

i just started reading the harryhausen autobiography and it's got me really inspired. i want to do more animal drawings and lifelike monster drawings like you! i'm settling....i'm roo young to settle!

good work sir! do that monster justice!

Peter said...

"do that monster justice!"

haha, I read that first as do that monster juice.

My mom had some rapidographs she was willing to give me before but I think they need special cleaning equipment or something. Microns are easy for now I guess... plus I like the sakura blossom on the pen.

yeah harryhausen! Clash of the Titans is my favorite I think. Very full of crazy creature effects, plus I like mythology. heh!

I'm reading Dune slowly but it's awesome. There's gonna be some debacle worthy bits in there.

mikecarloooyeah said...

Ha its true... Godzilla does love popcorn! Thanks for the comment catch youlater dude.