Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Captain Fantasy

Tom suggested I post some of my older projects. Here's a pile of arch nerdery for you!

The three things above were from a design - turned illustration project from school. I had to make a set of 30 postage stamps, so being the ever loving nerd that I am I decided to do a Dungeons and Dragons 30th anniversary commemorative stamp series. Pictured here without the designed sheets you can see the artwork for the 30 stamps (each sheet had 10 stamps laid out in a 2x5 grid. If you look closely you can probably see my gridlines). I was getting bugged by doing too much design and needed to have a drawing project, so I gave myself a rough start at computer coloring (again, here in photoshop with my tablet). It's pretty rough colorwise and I never fixed some pretty weird flukes in the rough sketch before coloring (like the guy in the second sheet has terrible arm anatomy. What a difference a few weeks makes!) Otherwise, I had a bunch of small victories in the coloring, like these three:

They do look nice stacked on top of each other too. Looking at them now I can see a few things I did that would do well as a guide for my next coloring test.

Also, fantasy nerds may apprecciate this gem as well:

This bit of envelope art graced my fan club entry request to Dungeon Majesty. Definitely check them out! They are a group of DnD players with a public access show. Last I saw they had a dvd of the first few episodes and they may still be streamed online somewhere. It's worth it! So if you go to the fan art section I'm the first one to show up! I got lucky, since I never scanned the drawing before I mailed it. It's a serious skeleton! And the address on the envelope is outdated too. This is officially a note to remind me to contact DM and let them know I live somewhere new. I don't want to miss out on anything sweet (critical miss!).

A 23 year old that still likes dnd! It's great! Now if I could only get a game together for my friends to play...

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Bob said...

i liked these illustrations a lot.
remember when we played hero quest with dave an ate taco bell while listening to war-like classical music?

that was a good night.