Friday, April 28, 2006

Two squidlike looking things...

Here's a roughly started color pencil/marker sketch of another version of the huge maggoty thing from Robert E. Howard's The Valley of the Worm. Normally I would be posting this over on Literary Debacle but I'm putting it here because it helps to illustrate my point about how I typically handle color rednering. This drawing is even a little conservative compared to past caricatures and self portraits (which happen to be in Syracuse. I'll photo them sometime to show). It's a fun drawing at least and I was playing with some white paint markers I got (and I got some black prismacolors again too. It's been years since I've had them and they changed the small point nib! It's an improvement).

This is the first result of drawing from the deep sea creatures book I got from the library. It's fun! This strange looking squid called the Leachia squid. It's body looks like a cross between a rolled tortilla and a tied balloon. It's nearly translucent too. Later on I'll post a color sketch of this same squid I started last night. Color drawings from good reference can be alot easier than making stuff up.

Which leads me to say, reference when drawing is great but it can be limiting too. The freedom of imagination, or the ability to draw upon things you understand about form and anatomy is sort of freeing (freedom is freeing, chew on that chumps!) Being too stuck on reference seems like needing a permission slip to start any drawing... balance is rad.

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